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5 Must Have Tools for Your Marketing

With more and more technology, marketing is becoming easier and easier for small businesses to scale, make a bigger impact and boost their return on marketing. It can be hard to keep up with all the great new toys for marketers to use to promote their message to their audiences, so let’s look at five…
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3 Events to Draw In Customers

Event marketing can be a powerful way to increase the awareness of your small business and quickly identify new customer opportunities. While there is no such thing as a “captive audience” anymore, events do allow prospects to minimize their distraction and focus more on what they’re seeing, making them more open to your products and…
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How To Break Through When Customers Ignore You

Running a small business involves a lot of time running after customers. It can be frustrating to put time and effort into getting them to click on a link or getting them to take a meeting, only to find that when you’re there, they simply ignore you. But don’t worry! We’re here to go through…
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5 Golden Rules of Pitching Your Business

If you’re starting a business, the truth is you’ll need to get funding. Last month, I reviewed the sources of funding for small businesses. Regardless of your sources of funding, you’ll need to follow the five golden rules of pitching your business so you can get the funding your small business needs.

5 Reasons Webinars Need to Be Included in Your 2018 Marketing Strategy

With the sheer quantity of content being produced, the need to meaningfully engage with customers and prospects has skyrocketed. And with so many tools at their disposal, savvy buyers have developed a propensity to self-educate at each stage of the purchasing cycle. This means that the techniques used in the past to connect with customers…
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trade show tips for small business owners

Top 10 Tips For Your Best Trade Show Season

It’s that time of year again; trade show season. These meetings take considerable resources from your small business so make the most of your time and money with these top 10 tips for your best trade show season yet.   Pre Work Two weeks before the trade show, reach out to your top prospects and media…
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The Three Laws of Cold Calling

Successful cold calling comes down to three laws that, over time, should yield some seriously great results for your small business. LAW #1: HOOK THEM QUICK A friend of mine received a call from an obviously nervous caller who rambled for over a minute before she cut him off and asked to be removed from…
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