It’s a good time to start networking again. You need to regularly attend networking events in your industry to meet with potential customers, investors, and partners.

  • Use platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter to connect with entrepreneurs and potential customers.
  • Join professional organizations like BNI, Toastmasters, Rotary, and more to grow your network.
  • Build relationships with mentors and experienced entrepreneurs who can mentor and advise you.
  • Follow up with every contact you meet at events.
  • Be helpful to other people and they will often reciprocate.
  • Be authentic and genuine and build relationships.
  • Always have business cards.
  • Be an active listener, it will help you identify opportunities – ask questions and listen.
  • Introduce yourself by focusing on how you can help potential customers.
  • Regularly attend events and make it part of your marketing strategy and don’t give up.