I recently came across an article on the habits of so-called “lucky people”. Luck, as a concept, is something often thrown around casually — falling on a spectrum between four-leaf clovers and coincidence.

“You’re so lucky,” we’ll say at the sight of someone else’s success as if to package their good fortune into a neat one-word package. Or perhaps to soothe our own underlying envy with an explanation that’s seemingly devoid of skill. Maybe a little of both.

The reality behind luck is a bit more complicated but believing in it, as the aforementioned article suggests, simply comes down to “recognizing that there is an element of your life and work over which you have no control.”

You can’t control when or how good fortune will come your way in business (or otherwise), but you can control the actions you take to foster it. Here’s how.

Don’t Dwell on Setbacks

If you’ve drawn connections between positive people and lucky people, it’s likely because they share a similar mindset. Those with a positive attitude in business turn problems into solutions. They don’t see every setback that comes their way as a reason to turn around.

Instead, they see and understand them as a natural part of the process. Setbacks are inevitable. More importantly, they’re a sign that you’re doing something, as opposed to twiddling your thumbs and waiting for the answers to come your way.

Look at failures through the lens of opportunity. What caused an issue to arise and how can you transform the learnings experienced into an improved game plan the next time around?

Surround Yourself with “Lucky” People

You don’t have to chase a leprechaun or journey to the end of a rainbow to find luck. Oftentimes, it’s sitting right there within your trusted mentors, employees, and network.

As an entrepreneur, you should be constantly making connections and engaging with others in your space. It may not come naturally, but just like most things in business that lead to success, mingling is a habit that can be learned over time.

Seek out individuals with mindsets that inspire and work to emulate them. We are who we surround ourselves with so if it’s luck you’re after, befriend others with a knack and true appreciation for the success they’ve acquired.

Be Open-Minded About New Opportunities

Lucky people generally don’t expect success to fall in their laps. They work for it and when “it” happens, they show gratitude.

In business, this translates to a sort of open-mindedness around new opportunities. You can make the plans and set your goals, but it’s important to accept from the get-go that they’re always subject to change.

And sometimes, you’ll want to actively chase change if it presents a better outcome. When you put on blinders, you can’t always see the potential on the periphery. Accept that you don’t have all the answers and be willing to consider alternative ideas and directions as they arise.

Measure Your Success by the Success of Others

The most successful people in business are those, who have brought success not only to themselves but everyone around them. They invest in their people. They ask, listen, and provide their peers and employees with the tools needed to thrive professionally.

Don’t just measure luck by revenue or the paycheck you bring home every month. Value the little things and celebrate victories across your team. As you lift others up, you’ll find yourself inadvertently benefitting from the results.