What your business needs to be “happy” and successful, and what you need to be happy and successful in business are two different things.


Your business is a business. Its ability to function isn’t as much dependent on feelings on fulfillment and purpose as it is on proper planning and cash flow. And while you might argue that a lack of cash flow can directly impact your happiness, there are plenty who’d argue that less is more.


We’re not here to argue the true value of money. What we are here to do is help you find and chase those feelings of true happiness and success as an entrepreneur when they present themselves.

Leave That Job You Hate


First things first, if you dread the thought of work in the morning, every morning, something’s not right. Sure, there will be days when you won’t want to work — no matter what your job is. But if you truly feel as though that little light inside of you is extinguished every time you sit down in front of the computer, it’s time for a change.


Change isn’t an easy thought to swallow though, especially when the job you have is comfortable; soul-sucking but comfortable. 


The minute you shift your thoughts to what could be instead of what is, your energy will shift with them. Skip the wallowing and act on what interests you. The sooner you do, the sooner you’ll be able to up and leave that job you hate.

Set Goals


Whether you’re figuring out a new career path or launching your own business, goals are your friend. Both pursuits are difficult as it is with a plan in hand, let alone going in blind.


Think in terms of short-term, medium-term, and long-term. What do you want to achieve next month versus next quarter versus two years from now? These checkpoints will give purpose to your actions and help you prioritize what to tackle and when.

Make Mistakes


Ditch perfectionism early in the game. You’ll thank yourself later.


Seriously, you’re going to do the research and read every piece of business advice that exists online today. You’re going to listen to the podcasts, attend the webinars, and think you’ve got the perfect plan in place. And sometimes, you will.


Other times, you’ll fail miserably. Fantastic! Make all the mistakes and the learnings will sink in deeper than any blog post or YouTube video could prepare you for. 

Ask for Advice


People are typically averse to asking for advice for one of two reasons:

  1. They think they know everything already.
  2. They’re afraid to burden people with their questions.


If you fall into the first camp, leave your ego next to the perfectionism you ditched earlier. Clinging to the idea that you’ve got everything under control as a one-person show is going to hold your business back. Period.


Alternatively, if you’re in the second bucket, steer clear of assumptions. More often than not, the important role models and mentors in your life will be more flattered than bothered by your questions. Simply be respectful of others’ time and show gratitude for the wisdom shared.



The measure of happiness is not always a factor of “good” times and a booming business. Just think about how much better a meal tastes after a tough workout, as opposed to a day spent lazing away on the couch.


When you work for something and push through the obstacles, you feel satisfied. You feel pride. 


Don’t let what’s hard or seemingly insurmountable hold you back from taking action anyway. The outcome might not always align with expectations but the growth you’ll experience as a result will most certainly feel more rewarding than remaining stagnant.