Before we get going, let’s take a moment to recognize that being an entrepreneur is hard work. Hard work that often requires long nights, plenty of failures, and a lot of unknowns on the road to success.

You know this. Your support system knows this.

What comes easy with entrepreneurship is the ability to hyperfocus on that fact. To get so engrossed in the rush of running a business that it’s all you can think about. 

This isn’t a bad thing at face value—especially when the work brings you joy. But it can be problematic if it gets in the way of self-care and your relationships with family and friends.

During the holidays, more than ever, consider the need for balance when weighing what matters most for your business versus what matters most for your personal life. While taking into account how to make more time for the latter.

Don’t Fall Into the “So Busy” Trap

If you find yourself responding to invites and “how are yous” with “I’m so busy” more often than not, it might be worth reflecting on what that actually means. The idea of busyness is self-imposed.

You may, in fact, have a lot of work on your plate—that we won’t deny. But you ultimately choose to be busy. You choose your priorities and what you’d rather keep yourself busy with when presented with the alternatives.

During the holiday season, remember that the people who most want to spend time with you are the ones supporting your busyness year-round. They make their own sacrifices relative to the business you run and the time it requires on your part. So, show some appreciation by taking off the blinders and showing them know how much you care.

Block Time in Your Schedule

Quality time doesn’t occur naturally. You have to make it happen.

This could translate into quality time with friends and family, or quality time with the small business tasks you should get ahead of before the new year. Both are easy to throw excuses at when more “pressing” todos arise.

Make it a point to time block your schedule at the beginning of your weeks to balance your days accordingly. More importantly, stick to your pre-planned calendar as best you can. This is generally a great productivity strategy to combat multi-tasking and keep you focused on important items that might otherwise be brushed aside.

Physically Unplug Your Devices

That’s right—step away from the computer.

Keep your phone and computer out of sight and out of mind during the hours you’ve blocked off for downtime. Years from now, you’re not going to remember the email you just had to respond to in the middle of a holiday family dinner. You’re going to remember the conversations and quality moments shared with the people you love most.

Remember That the World Will Still Turn

You can take a vacation as an entrepreneur and still come out the other end with a business to show for it. Separate yourself from your ego for a second and know that what you’re doing, while important, won’t cease to exist if you step away for a few hours, days, or even—dare we say—a whole week.

As other businesses close up shop at the end of the year, take advantage of the opportunity to do the same. You’re likely to find yourself better for it, mentally and physically, upon settling back in for the long haul that lies in front of you come January 1st.