A mastermind group is a set of people who come together regularly to put their heads together and help each other solve problems. Beyond that definition, there isn’t a roadmap or much else and that’s the beauty of these groups. They can vary in size, but many are under 10 people. The format can vary too, depending on where you are in your career and business. They can offer guidance from a mentor, or they can be self-guided where each person chips in with his or her own expertise.

The goal of a mastermind is usually the same — to get access to a group of experts and have a support network to lean on as you grow your business. Here’s why finding this group is so important as you roll into a new year of business.

Be the Best Version of You

The overarching benefit of any mastermind is that it pushes you to achieve the best version of yourself in business and in life. The idea is that by surrounding yourself with remarkable people, you too can become remarkable. You can learn from the people you talk to regularly, and you can have a group of people to hold you accountable in your business as you scale and grow.

With so many masterminds out there, you’re probably wondering how to nail down the right one for you. To know which mastermind will be the most beneficial for you this year, consider the people who influence you, what you hope to achieve by joining, and how you anticipate this group impacting your long-term goals.

Who Should You Align With?

When you align yourself with people who share the same vision and mindset, you’re able to get the type of support that can fuel your personal growth. Aligning with like-minded people doesn’t mean you won’t receive valuable insights and sometimes even some pushback on your ideas. The shared level in business and mindset will help keep everyone in tune as you move in tandem together toward success.

What Type of Structure is Best For You?

Look at the structure of the group before you join. The success of a mastermind group depends on everyone consistently showing up and participating. This is especially true if you’re a part of a small mastermind group.

Once you have the size of the group nailed down, look at how each meeting shakes out. Will one person lead consistently, or will that leadership role rotate each month? Will you meet via a video chat or in person? How will you hold each other accountable between meetings? The more you can refine the structure, the better chances you have of getting the most out of your mastermind group and achieving success.

Hold Your Feet to the Fire

This year, as you gear up your business for success, surround yourself with a group who will hold your feet to the fire. This can be your year to make things happen in your business, and with the backing of a mastermind, you’ll have the support needed to live to your highest potential.


Image: Stock Unlimited