During the first days of your startup, you’re going to need the best employees possible. If you make a wrong move, it could spell doom for your company before it even begins. First thing’s first, you should establish a culture that attracts the right people.

Consider some of these tips for attracting the best talent to your startup:

1. Be unquestionably excited

You’re not going to offer the highest pay rate in the early days, so you need to instead tell a story that people can get behind. If you are open and willing to share your vision for the future of the business, talented people will most likely take a lower pay rate to start, because they believe in what you’re doing. It’s all about creating a culture that gets people excited.

That’s a lot more than just telling a story: you need to believe in what you’re doing as well, or you’ll simply come across as inauthentic or fake. When you’ve genuinely got yourself behind your business’s vision, your enthusiasm will be infectious and candidates will be able to feel it.

2. Consider remote workers

People are embracing a new type of working culture that lets them work from home and live their life. If you have a hard time finding people who want to come into the office, look for telecommuting options. Not only is this attractive to modern job-seekers, but it also takes away costs involved with having them come to the office every day.

When I worked at Google, most of the team worked in the office, but there were several who worked from home regularly, and it wasn’t looked down upon. I also know full-time remote workers for Apple, FaceBook, LinkedIn and other successful companies. These companies are not only paying top dollar, they’re giving employees the flexibility they crave. You’d be wise to consider the changing cultures and habits when you decide how and where you want your teammates to work.

I recognize that working next to others can be essential at certain times. At my company ZipBooks, during these critical times we set up full-time live video feeds for anyone working remotely. It helps keep the collaboration while accommodating flexibility.

3. Create fans, then hire them

From the moment your company begins, you should be building up a brand on social media and spreading the word. Tell stories about your company, encourage employees to share their experiences online, and show the world how rewarding it is to be a part of your team. And, frankly, your best hires will often be the people your top-performing employees recommend.

This word-of-mouth will help you quickly gain the attention of potential employees. When you’re seeking out potential options, always consider people who follow your business online or shop with you. Loyal customers can often translate into great employees!

Surround Yourself With Great People

When you boil it down, a great business leader surrounds himself with the right kind of people. In this case, those people are the employees who will help your startup succeed. Talent is everything when you’re getting a business off the ground, so devote the proper time and energy to ensuring that you hire the right people.

Have a clear long-term vision, focus on making your company a great place to work, and don’t be afraid to spread the word. If you follow this advice, the talent will come to you before you know it.

How do you attract the best talent for your business? Let us know in the comments!

Jaren Nichols

Author profile
Jaren Nichols is Chief Operating Officer at ZipBooks. Jaren was previously a Product Manager at Google and holds an MBA from Harvard Business School.