With the sheer quantity of content being produced, the need to meaningfully engage with customers and prospects has skyrocketed. And with so many tools at their disposal, savvy buyers have developed a propensity to self-educate at each stage of the purchasing cycle. This means that the techniques used in the past to connect with customers must be adapted to suit a new way of thinking.

Using webinars as a lead nurturing tool can be a fantastic way to capture your buyers’ attention and engage them in a meaningful way. If done well, they will not only establish you as a thought leader, but they’ll also help build a strong brand awareness and solution preference―often long before a prospect is even engaged in the buying process. Read on to find out why webinars are one of the best ways you can connect with your customers in 2018.

1. They’re convenient
Perhaps the greatest advantage of webinars is that they can be viewed by anyone, anywhere, at any time. As long as participants have a computer and an Internet connection, they can attend the webinar from anywhere in the world.

2. They’re not limited by geography
With webinars, you can reach any audience you want―no matter if they’re in your city, state/province, or country. For this reason, if you do business online, webinars are a great alternative to live events that can save you a great deal of time and money.

3. They’re cost-effective
As you’ll likely be aware, planning for live events is an expensive business. If you’ve ever organized any you’ll know how time-consuming and costly they can be, and you’ll also know how frustrating it is when you don’t get the attendance you were hoping for. Webinars, by comparison, are infinitely more economical than live events. Why? Because they don’t require space, rentals, food or printed collateral.

4. They’re measurable
These days, it’s all about getting the best return on every dollar that is spent. With webinars it’s easy to find out how many people signed up for the webinar, how many people attended and the dollar spent per person on acquiring those leads.

5. They generate leads
If you’re looking to grow your email database, webinars can help you get there. When people sign up to attend, they enter their personal information including name, company name, email and location. This can be great if you want to identify where your customers are coming from or if you want to use this list for future marketing opportunities.

Who is BizLaunch?
We help companies and brands build relationships with their small business customers by presenting live webinars. As a proven, measurable lead capturing service, we can help you position your company as a small business thought leader.
As part of our turn-key service, we will:
• Develop a list of topics for you to choose from
• Create a presentation deck
• Develop a custom landing page to host the webinars
• Promote the webinar to a combined database of customers
• Manage the webinar registrations and technology
• Present and record the webinar
• Provide the leads after the webinar has ended
If you’d like more information about our webinars, or for information on pricing, please visit www.bizlaunch.com or contact andrew@bizlaunch.com