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5 Social Media Tools You Can Use to Market and Promote Your Business

Tuesday, April 24th at 2:00 pm


Social media can be one of your most effective and affordable marketing tools if used properly. Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google +, Pinterest … the list goes on and it can be overwhelming. At this session on the latest in social media you’ll learn:

  • Which social media tools are ideal for your business.
  • How to use them to grow your business.
  • How to develop your own social media strategy.
  • How to produce content your audience wants to read or watch.
  • Where to find content to share with your community
  • How to track online social media mentions.
  • Social media marketing is effective and free.

Attend this webinar and learn how to use it to grow your small business.

How to Raise Finance to Grow Your Business

Thursday, May 3rd, 2:00 pm ET


Learn to speak the language of bankers, investors, and government granting organizations to secure the
money you need to grow your business.
At this session, you’ll learn:

  • How to prepare for a financing initiative.
  • How to pitch your idea.
  • What to do before you visit the banks.
  • Traditional and non-traditional sources of finance.
  • Government grants, loans, and subsidies you should know about.
  • How to prepare for angel investors or venture capitalist.

Learn how to pitch and receive the money you need at this webinar.

Going Global – How to Grow Your Business Beyond Canada

Tuesday, May 8th at 2:00 pm


Looking for new opportunities to grow your business? Consider going global. Our panel of experts will provide you with practical and actionable information, resources and insights to help you plan for business success.
If you are thinking of growth outside of Canada, this webinar will show you:

  • What resources are available to research and select the best export markets for your industry and sector
  • How smaller businesses have successfully expanded into international markets
  • How to access government funding programs, financing options and valuable exported-related
    tools and resources
  • How to begin planning for international sales

Regardless of your export-readiness, in this webinar you’ll discover a wide array of people, events, programs and resources designed to help all types of businesses grow and expand.

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Andrew Patricio

Small Business Expert & Founder of Bizlaunch

Andrew Patricio is the founder and owner of Bizlaunch, a company that trains, advises and mentors entrepreneurs. He has worked with Fortune 500 companies to improve their brand presence with thousands of small business owners and as an internationally recognized small business expert, he has trained entrepreneurs in Canada and 21 other countries. Andrew understands entrepreneurs because he is an entrepreneur, having started several businesses of his own and has authored two books on small business.

Ari Rush

President & Founder of Rush Ventures

Ari Rush is the President and founder of RushVentures.com, an SEO Toronto company and full-service digital agency offering web development skills, paid marketing and SEO services to businesses. Entrepreneur Rush is the previous owner of a successful Social Media Marketing company that fostered 1,000+ clients. He also founded and owned a marketing company that helped 1,500+ customers generate online traffic. In addition, Rush founded an online telecom firm, which was ultimately sold at a profit to a larger company.

Small business owners love BizLaunch

Judy Beck

Judy Beck

FOUNDER & CEO of Judy Beck Enterprises

I attended the webinar today on five social media tools. Andrew Patricio was very informative and answered all our questions. This was a quality seminar. Thank you for helping us small business owners.  

Felicia Frazier

Felicia Frazier


I’ve really enjoyed participating in the Bizlaunch webinars. They provide practical yet valuable information on how to move my small business forward. I’ve already starting integrating a lot of the information into my 2012 marketing plan.
Brandon David Photography

Brandon David Photography

OWNER of Brandon VandeCaveye

I have been taking advantage of the Biz Launch seminars for weeks now. I understand most of the topics covered, but it is nice to get another’s perspective & insight. If you are just getting into marketing or need a refresher, Andrew & the BizLaunch team are a great resource!  

Gilleen Witkowski

Gilleen Witkowski

OWNER of Walk my Dog

Andrew’s small business course is fun and engaging and keeps you on your toes. He manages to educate you on the key practical skills you need while also keeping you focused on your overall life goals and direction. Highly recommended!

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We create content, webinars, seminars, white papers, videos, templates. Reaching small business owners can be tough. We have worked with Fortune 500 companies across North America to develop marketing content that is targeted and relevant to small business owners. With our help you can engage the small business owners that need your products and services.

About us

We teach business owners and entrepreneurs the steps they need to take to build a profitable business of their own. We regularly host webinars. seminars and workshops. Since 2003 Bizlaunch has been training, coaching, mentoring and advising small business owners.

We understand entrepreneurs because we are entrepreneurs. Bizlaunch founder, Andrew Patricio has started seven businesses of his own, authored two books, and is an internationally recognized small business expert who has delivered key note speeches, seminars and workshops in twenty-two countries.

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Want to host your own webinars? We can help you. We have hosted over 500 live webinars!

Our webinars are Interactive, educational, easy to set up and repurpose, engaging and measurable.

Reaching small business owners can be tough. We have worked with Fortune 500 companies across North America to develop marketing content that is targeted and relevant to small business owners. With our help, you can engage the small business owners that need your products and services.

Content – We produce engaging copy that can draw reader interest and add third party credibility to your inbound marketing efforts.

How-to-articles and blog posts Great for drawing attention to your website, blog or newsletter, this information is drafted with the small business owner in mind. We will work with you to schedule a list of topics popular with small business owners and then we’ll draft them for you.

Customer success stories We can gather inspirational quotes or stories from your customers about how they use your products. We will work with you to interview and photograph supplied customers, and then we’ll draft an article to share their story. We’ll also promote them to our online community.

Resource guides We provide in-depth resources covering topics such as management, marketing, and finance that your customers can use to learn more about running a small business. We will work with you to draft practical how-to advice in the form of a 2500-word copy file (6-to-8 pages) that will be ready for your design team.

Want to host your own webinars?

We can help you. We have hosted over 500 live webinars!

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